List of texts / podcast that caught my attention this year (2024 edition).

FEB 2024

Mastering Programming - by Kent Beck

  • Returning to the chronicling of my readings. The insistence on analysis as part of growth is also in SICP. Here, it is about the problem as well as about the time. Slicing seems to be the most important skill masters possess. As well as singletasking. Minimalism. Elegance. There are many words for the same thing.

    The theme here is scaling your brain. The journeyman learns to solve bigger problems by solving more problems at once. The master learns to solve even bigger problems than that by solving fewer problems at once. Part of the wisdom is subdividing so that integrating the separate solutions will be a smaller problem than just solving them together.

Why you should never retire

  • exactly right; the only problem is that you may develop a disability and one should think about that option. Surely no way I would ever enter the state social system to be taken care of. The horror stories make me cry.

    In an episode of “The Sopranos”, a popular television series which started airing in the 1990s, a gangster tells Tony, from the titular family, that he wants to retire. “What are you, a hockey player?” Tony snaps back. Non-fictional non-criminals who are considering an end to their working lives need not worry about broken fingers or other bodily harm. But they must still contend with other potentially painful losses: of income, purpose or, most poignantly, relevance.

Some simply won’t quit. Giorgio Armani refuses to relinquish his role as chief executive of his fashion house at the age of 89. Being Italy’s second-richest man has not dampened his work ethic. Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s sidekick at Berkshire Hathaway, worked for the investment powerhouse until he died late last year at the age of 99. Mr Buffett himself is going strong at 93.