List of texts / podcast with the score for perceived-usefulness for work (not quality!)

JAN 2021

2021-01-18 Maximizing Developer Effectiveness

2021-01-19 Rise of Worse Is Better

2021-01-20 Intel Problems on Stratechery

  • Intel Problems – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
  • 6/10
  • some big trends: intel did not share microsoft’s trajectory (wintel, remember), but almost - losing mobile, losing APple keeping servers with google, kickin Sun away; but lost on manufacturing grounds…. - i still have intel lbased macd

2021-01-22 Garbage in Garbage Out

2021-01-25 What happens when you update your DNS?

  • What happens when you update your DNS?
  • 10/10
  • Awesome insights into the distinctino of recursive/authoritative DNS servers and the evolution of the process of an update of a DNS record (both within a zonefile and NS records themselves)

2021-02-04 The documentation system

FEB 2021

2021-02-05 On Jeff Bezos and Amazon Model on Stratechery

2021-02-16 Production Oriented Development

  • Production Oriented Development by Paul Osman @ Medium
  • the essay I have been returning the most this year
  • I can’t say I agree 100%, but it does resonate with so many references
    • Bradshaw and Homecoming
    • Pressfield and War of Art
    • Seth’s Godin on regular shipping
  • Also, I spend way too much time in non-prod mode (learning or procrastinating)
  • 10/10

MAR 2021