The concern is documenting how to filter requests to a particular host/URL from fiddler. Context: learning the tracking tool Snowplowanalytics, understanding the quantities of requests it is sending from an exemplary blog with a single user (personal sandbox). Also comparing with load balancers numbers validating my understanding of the solution.


1. Assume

2. Instructions

  • capture all traffic w/ F12
  • make an exemplary request from the app you want to filter
  • pause with F12
  • inspect a sample request (the one you want to filter) with SHIFT+ENTER
  • select host → press CTRL+SHIFT+C to copy value only
  • activate filter
  • activate Show only if URL contains
  • pass EXACT: $hostNamedCopiedAbove
  • start capturing with F12 → traffic is filtered


3. Speculation

  • fiddler is designed and optimized for the application layer HTTP(S) protocol and in this sense belongs to the same family as ALBs (Application Load Balancer) also specifically designed only for a single networking protocol ignoring all the rest (file transfer, e-mail, DNS and telnet, all essential parts of the internet before HTTP)