The concern is documenting an idiom to be used when it is desirable to run a python file immediately if called from the shell, but import the function when called from the Python REPL. I call this Import or Execute Pattern.

1. import or execute pattern: name & main

  • in python, there are specially named bindings __name__ and __main__ allowing us to detect whether a module is
    • run as a script from a shell
    • imported into another module from the REPL
  • when you add print(__name__) at the end of the module, the module name is printed during the first import
  • if (and only if) the function with print(__name__) in the module is called from the shell with python the shell return
▶ python
  • you can modify the behavior so that the module is
    • executed from a shell
    • loaded from the REPL

2. syntax

  • add the following at the end of the script and if you call if from the shell and not from the REPL, the script executes immediately
if __name__ == "__main__":