The concern is documenting binding the regex hit into the system $Matches hash table



1. extraction in a built-in binding $matches!  

  • PowerShell stores matches from the -match operator in the $matches[] hash table.
  • Example:
     # 2.3.4 | TEST the path and create the new folder if the year changes
      If ($filePrefix.Node.InnerText -match $regexFilePath) {
          $filePath = $matches[0]
          If (-Not (test-path $filePath)) {
              New-Item -ItemType Directory -Path $filePath 

2. extract $matches from text files

  • note the combination of Get-Content with the -raw flag
  • use the following template
$r = "\.\.\/assets\/img......\.png"
$file = "C:\Users\Admin\Documents\workspace\work.log\kb\git\2020-05-23-GIT-DAG.md"
$text = gc $file  -raw
$text -match $r
Write-Host $Matches[0]

3. sources