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Brno, Czechia

Currently (Q1 2021) learning python, delving into the classics with the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP) but striving for the operational briliance all things Snowplow Analytics — infra w/ HashiStack, monitor w/ Grafana, data warehousing with AWS redshift and some reporting with Redash (and even excel:). More and more trying to do as much as possible from Powershell Core <3.

Project: Writing Python/JavaScript to create documentation in Markdown and sync it with Zendesk.

1. Experience

1.1. Data Collection Support Engineer (AWS dominated SaaS)

  • Snowplow Analytics
  • 2020-ongoing

1.2. .NET & Powershell Support Engineer

  • Avolin, Pivotal CRM
  • 2019-2020

1.3. SAP BW/BI Support Engineer

  • HeidelbergCement Group
  • 2017-2019

1.4. L2 Windows Support Engineer with German

  • HeidelbergCement Group
  • 2015-2017

1.5. L1 Windows Support Engineer with iOS with German

  • Infosys BPO
  • 2012-2015

2. Front-End Projects

Drupal Corporate IT department
Wordpress Venetian Glass Art
Wordpress Dermatologist
Wordpress Museum
Wordpress Psychotherapeutic Association
Worpress Psychological Conference
Jekyll Blog
Jekyll Micro-Social-Network

3. Education

Charles University Central European University
2005-2009 2009-2011
Faculty of Humanities Department of Modern History
B.A. degree; graduated with honors M.A. degree; graduated with honors

4. Skills

4.1. Human languages

  • Slovak native
  • English C2
  • Czech C2
  • German C1

4.2. Computer languagues

  • Javascript productive code
  • Powershell productive code
  • C# active learner
  • HTML5 productive code
  • CSS3 productive code
  • VBA productive code
  • Markdown devotee
  • MS SQL, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, PostgreSQL, SQLite hands-on experience
  • Regex devotee

4.3. Tools and Frameworks

  • Visual Studio Code as the editor of choice
  • xUnit testing framework
  • git source control
  • GitHub, Github pages active user
  • Google Apps Engine, Google Apps Script
  • Wordpress and Drupal theming
  • VBA Scripting and advanced Excel
  • Advanced Chrome & Firefox Developer Tool Debugging
  • Atlassian Jira, Confluence
  • Zendesk and Zendesk guide hands-on experience
  • Fogbugz (ex-Manuscript) ticketing tool
  • Windows advanced debugging (Sysiternal Tools, mainly procmon)
  • Fiddler
  • Node.js

4.4. SAP stuff

  • SAP Data Warehousing Workbench (RSA1 suite)
  • BEx Query Designer
  • SAP BW Release and Cutover Management (RealTech)

4.5. OS & network

  • TCP/IP knowledge
  • DNS config
  • IIS configuration
  • Windows Server Roles and Features setup
  • .htaccess configurations

4.6. methodologies

  • Knowledge-Centered-Support