The concern is documenting starting to work with clojure in windows (clojure is made for linux & OSX is seems)


1. install leiningen

  • use chocolatey
  • leiningen is a build automation tool for clojure → you need this to run clojure on windows
choco install lein

2. install clojure plugin

  • I am using avli.clojure

3. open REPL

  • open the .clj file and the extension fires up the Leiningen REPL
  • if the REPL is not started automatically, run command >clojure: start nREPL
  • open the integrated terminal
  • in the integrated terminal run
lein repl :connect localhost:<port>
  • the port matches the port of the REPL initiated by the extension

4. define function

  • the first example is a recursive approach to return factorial
(defn factorial [n]

  (if (= n 1)


    (* n (factorial (- n 1)))))

5. call function

  • run Clojure Eval command
  • this command imports the function into the REPL
  • in REPL, you can call it with the selected parameter


(factorial 7)