• The aim of this explanation💡 is to provide a code that creates PowerShell and python
    • ✅ code files
    • ✅ test files with proper syntax
    • ✅ link code to test
    • ✅ be extensible for adding more languages
    • I don’t need the syntax for the test there, that I can write/use ctrl+space inside vscode to auto-populate; just linking and file creation

… all with a single command with a simple alias; in my workflow, I use pyf and pof for Python and Powershell, respectively

  • For powershell: posh_test

  • For python python_test


function create-codeFiles($name, $testName, $extension, $linkText) {
    $codeFile = ("$name" -replace "\s", "_") -replace ".+", "$&.$extension"
    $testFile = ("$name" -replace "\s", "_") -replace ".+", "$&$testName.$extension"
    New-Item $codeFile -ErrorAction Ignore
    New-Item $testFile -ErrorAction Ignore
    Add-Content $testFile -Value $linkText
    vsc .
    Invoke-Item $codeFile
    Invoke-Item $testFile

function create-pythonFiles($name) {
    $pyTestName = "_test"
    $pyExtension = "py"
    $linkText = "from $name import *"
    create-codeFiles $name $pyTestName $pyExtension $linkText

function create-powershellFiles($name) {
    $ps1TestName = ".tests"
    $ps1Extension = "ps1"
    $linkText = "BeforeAll {. `$PSScriptRoot/$name.ps1}"
    create-codeFiles $name $ps1TestName $ps1Extension $linkText