The concern is documenting the interesting error I received with Opsgenie


1. on status 431

431 can be used when the total size of request headers is too large, or when a single header field is too large.

  • Servers will often produce this status if:
    1. The Referer URL is too long
    2. There are too many Cookies sent in the request

2. limits

  • HTTP spec does not define a limit of how large an HTTP header can be
  • so what does ? webservers do
Apache 2.0, 2.2 8K
nginx 4K - 8K
IIS varies by version, 8K - 16K
Tomcat varies by version, 8K - 48K (?!)

3. fix

  • used Cookie Editor to fix this
  • selected all cookies of the affected domains and deleted those

4. sources